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The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc has become the greater Baltimore MD area’s trusted commercial paving company by always approaching each pavement project, no matter what size or complexity, with the same dedication and integrity. We offer business owners and property managers custom pavement service in Catonsville MD and surrounding communities because it’s our community too!

Paving Services Offered in Catonsville MD

– Commercial Pavement Installation

– Pavement Maintenance

– Asphalt Paving

– Asphalt Repair

– Crack Sealing


  • Our pavement contractors are dedicated to bringing our commercial clients the best pavement work, so we’re constantly training in new paving technologies and processes, as well as maintaining paving industry licensing.
  • We bring a personal touch to every single pavement job we take on, with the attention of our founders and dedicated asphalt experts to help each client.
  • With decades of experience all over the Baltimore MD and Washington DC area, we can custom mix asphalt and concrete to match the weather and soil conditions in the local area.

Explore Catonsville MD

This quaint Maryland town was first settled in 1729, named Johnnycake Town for the local tavern that served these fried corn cakes to visitors. Today, the town is an edge city of Baltimore MD, meaning it’s situated right on the western border, and it had a population of 41,567 as of the 2010 US Census. The town remained a fun stopover for travelers for centuries, including the Catonsville Short Line Railroad that brought commuters into Baltimore MD. As well as being a bedroom community serving Baltimore, Catonsville is home to the Baltimore County branch of the University of Maryland (UMBC), a major research institution with around 14,000 students.

There’s a lot of historic sites in town that preserve and celebrate Maryland history, including the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum, which contains a period log cabin and hosts plenty of family friendly activities. Lovers of old things will also have a grand time at the Objects Found antique shop. The Trolley Line Trails offer area residents scenic views on walking trails along the old rail lines. The Catonsville Gourmet offers visitors and residents great American food, and the Caton Tavern offers fun and local brews.

What is a Pavement Maintenance Plan?

Though asphalt pavement is very durable and perfect for commercial properties who see lots of traffic, it needs regular upkeep by a professional paving company to stay safe and beautiful. To manage your pavement assets, property managers and business owners need to create a pavement maintenance plan. The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc has the expertise to help local business owners in the Catonsville MD area with pavement management.

A plan for pavement maintenance involves seeing what you have in terms of pavement assets, working with paving experts to identify problem areas, performing any immediate asphalt repairs, and then scheduling ongoing maintenance to protect your pavement and maximize your budget.

Pavement Management Steps

Inventory Your Assets – First you need to get a site survey with photos and measurements to know what you have.
Determine Pavement Condition – With the help of pavement expert, you can get a detailed site inspection to uncover asphalt problems and make a determination of the exact condition of your asphalt.
Identify Pavement Solutions – Next, your dedicated asphalt professional will help you identify cost effective solutions for the problems they’ve discovered with an eye for your budget.
Maintain the Schedule – Finally, a reputable local paving company won’t leave you high and dry after repairs. Property managers should monitor the progress of their pavement and keep up with their pavement maintenance schedule to keep their asphalt looking good.

Your Catonsville MD Pavement Maintenance Experts

In Catonsville MD, The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc is the premier pavement maintenance company. We can help you craft a plan to keep your parking lot or industrial pavement looking good and safe for visitors over the long haul.

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