Asphalt Paving in Eldersburg MD

Over the last forty years, The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc has become Eldersburg MD’s most reputable asphalt repair and parking lot installation company through tireless dedication to customer service and unparalleled workmanship. We have extensive experience installing professional quality pavement and top tier parking lots in Maryland.

Paving Services Offered in the Eldersburg MD Area


  • After almost half a century in the paving industry, we are able to deal with asphalt projects of any size or complexity with our signature professional attitude.
  • As experienced pavement experts, we can work closely with your property manager or owner to form a pavement maintenance and rehabilitation plan that meets your specific paving needs.
  • Our entire organization is dedicated to professionalism and maintaining up to date knowledge of pavement processes and technologies, always keeping our contractors insured and licensed for all paving work.

Enjoy Beautiful Eldersburg MD

An unincorporated community in Carrol County Maryland, Eldersburg MD has a population of 30,531 as of the 2010 census. Named for John Elder, the community was served by a post office in April 1850 with the name Eldersburgh. In 1894, it was shortened to Eldersburg. There are many historic buildings still standing from this time that are featured on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Wesley Chapel Methodist Church and the Moses Brown House.

The top places to visit for families visiting scenic and beautiful Eldersburg is the local parks. Multiple dog parks, baseball fields, basketball courts, skate parks, children’s playground, walking paths, and bike paths are a common sight in Eldersburg as part of the unincorporated town’s natural and local beauty. If parks aren’t to your liking, AMC OWings Mills 17 is a full stadium seating theater, great for family and mass outings alike, while children and family fun centers like Pump It Up full of inflatable bounce and open jump sessions are great for other distractions. Whatever you’re into, Eldersburg has something for you.

How Parking Lot Milling and Overlay Save You Money in Eldersburg MD

If you have extensive damage on your parking lot, it may seem like you need to get the pavement replaced, but there’s some paving services that can save you tons of money: asphalt milling and overlay.

How to Save Your Eldersburg MD Parking Lot With Asphalt Overlay

Parking lot milling and overlay save you money by removing just the top layer of asphalt instead of all the pavement layers for a complete replacement. Asphalt milling is a process where a specialized grinding machine removes a thin layer of asphalt, and then another new layer of asphalt is poured over it for a new, smooth and solid surface.

This process saves money in several different ways:

  • Labor costs – Overlay takes less time than a complete removal and repaving process, so it costs less to perform than a full pavement removal.
  • Material costs – Instead of having to replace all layers (a gravel base, a binder asphalt layer, and a surface asphalt layer) with new paving materials, your paving contractor only needs to provide one type of asphalt.
  • Pavement longevity – An overlay will extend the life of your pavement for a long time, which saves you money on expensive repairs or replacement services.

Your Local Asphalt Milling & Overlay Experts

The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc, Eldersburg MD’s trusted paving contractors, have the right equipment and experience to bring you the highest quality asphalt milling and overlay services. If your parking lot has suffered some damage, contact us today for a free pavement inspection.

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