How Thick is Parking Lot Asphalt?

The American Asphalt Paving Co is Baltimore MD’s premier commercial paving company because we understand all the design considerations for that surrounding asphalt paving and parking lot paving projects. Many contractors will cut corners and not install the proper thickness of asphalt, which leads to pavement deterioration. Here’s how asphalt thickness affects your parking lot.

Importance of Proper Parking Lot Asphalt Thickness

While asphalt is flexible and perfect for handling heavy loads, it needs to have the right structure to support heavy vehicles like trucks or forklifts. Areas like dumpster pads, loading zones, entrances, and exits need thicker asphalt pavement to support this kind of heavy traffic. Parking lots are also especially vulnerable to cracking and deterioration if the asphalt is too thin because they are subject to high traffic as well as heavy loads from vehicles sitting on the pavement for hours.

How Thick Should Parking Lot Asphalt Be?

While driveways and walkways can be long-lasting and durable with only 2” of asphalt thickness, commercial pavement needs to have much thicker asphalt installed. For lighter duty parking lots, paving professionals recommend at least 4” of hot mix asphalt on top of a compacted gravel base. For heavy traffic commercial parking lots, an asphalt thickness of at least 7” is best.

Get Professional Asphalt Parking Lot Design

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