Line Striping
& Pavement Marking

Your Parking Lot Striping Experts

One of those most essential elements of a parking lot or roadway is the pavement markings. The American Asphalt Paving Company has striped thousands of parking lots all across Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. We use the most up to date equipment and paint materials to ensure quality and longevity. Line striping and pavement markings will not only make your property look more attractive, but also, and even more importantly, they will set the direction of traffic flow.

Design & Layout

Our main objective when designing a parking lot or roadway is to maximize the number of parking spaces while maintaining a safe, continuous flow of traffic. We want to give your customers, employees or tenants a clear path of direction that keeps things moving smoothly. Our parking lot design engineers are capable of laying out parking lots of all shapes and sizes while carefully considering each of our customer’s individual needs. We will make sure that your parking lot is compliant with ADA and up to local coding requirements. Contact us now if you have questions about a future project or are interested in reconfiguring an existing layout!

Materials & Equipment

The American Asphalt paving company uses only top tier materials and equipment for line striping and pavement markings. We have carefully selected materials that are durable, and harmless to your surface and to the environment. Our professional applications include but are not limited to:

  • Parking Lot & Roadway Traffic Markings
  • Thermoplastic Pavement Markings
  • Anti-slip Traffic & Floor Coatings
  • High Visibility/Retroflective Traffic Markings

Whatever the application, we have a solution. Partner with us to help keep your parking lots and roadways attractive and safe.

Application & Quality

Not only do we use state of the art materials and equipment, but we are dedicated to ensuring quality workmanship thru training and quality control. Our pavement marking specialists have years of experience in providing you with precise measurements and straight lines. Contact us now for a free walk thru to see how we can improve your parking facilities.

If you are a property manager, contractor or business owner, contact us about our FREE annual parking lot walk thru and maintenance program. Once a year, will send out one of our parking lot experts to discuss and address the needs of your parking lot. Our goal is to save you time and money by planning and budgeting for future needs. Contact us now to get started!

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