Spring Parking Lot Check List

Spring Parking Lot Check List

A step by step guide to evaluating your parking lot

The weather is heating up and Spring is officially upon us. Now is the time to spring into action and get things done around your parking lot. But where to even begin? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Our four step process along with our free Parking Lot Check List will help guide you along, step by step.

1. Inspect

The first order of business is to do a thorough inspection. Grab a clip board, a pen, and our Parking Lot Check List and walk the entire parking lot on a sunny day. During this walk thru, you will be looking for issues that are in need of repair. Big or small, write them down. Cracks or Potholes in the asphalt, faded parking lines, damaged signage or fencing, broken concrete and overgrown vegetation are just a few of the things to look for. Oh – and don’t forget to wear a safety vest!

2. Prioritize

Once you have compiled a list of things that need repair, take a deep breath and begin to prioritize. Starting with the number one, place a number beside each item in order of importance. This could take a while, but it will pay off later. First, look for items that could present a potential safety or liability issue. These items include tripping hazards, slippery surfaces, and pot holes. Next, look for items that are in need of aesthetic or structural repair and number your items accordingly.

3. Prepare

Now that you have a prioritized list together, choose items 1-5 (or more) and collect estimates for each of these items. This may be as simple as making a few phone calls since your local asphalt paving contractor should be capable of handling all of these needs. Once you have received pricing, it is time to budget. Figure out how much money you have to spend and once again, go thru these five items and choose the ones that you can afford to repair. If you cannot afford to repair all of the items on your list, now is a good time to begin budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year.

4. Repair

The inspection is done, the repairs have been prioritized, and you have prepared a final list of items to be completed. Now it’s time to get it done! Call up your local asphalt paving contractor and schedule the work to be completed.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Parking Lot Check List

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