What Types of Asphalt Problems Can Be Repaired?

If your Annapolis MD area parking lot is suffering from dryness, cracks, shifting, or other serious pavement problems, you need professional help with asphalt repair or replacement. The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc is Annapolis MD’s most reputable paving company, and we can help you sort out which pavement problems can be repaired and when you might need a parking lot replacement.

What types of asphalt problems can be repaired?

Cracks – Crack sealing services will fill in pavement cracks with high quality rubberized asphalt binders that bind the asphalt back together and prevent further water penetration and cracking.
Potholes – Deep areas of pavement deterioration called potholes can be professionally filled in with new asphalt, then compacted down to match the level of the pavement.
Surface Deterioration – When just the surface or top layer of the asphalt is suffering from brittleness or cracking, it can be removed through milling and then replaced in a process called asphalt overlay.

What types of asphalt problems require complete replacement?

When the damage or deterioration goes down through several pavement layers and affects the gravel underlayer, then your asphalt parking lot or roadway may need to be replaced. This is usually due to drainage issues that wear away the underlayer and cause erosion or serious water pooling. Also, even with regular upkeep, asphalt pavement will only last up to 30 years.

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