Parking Lot Repair

Let the American Asphalt Paving Co Inc., the Baltimore, MD area’s premier asphalt repair company, help you learn about parking lot repair services that can save your pavement!

Common Issues That Require Professional Asphalt Repair

Though DIY pavement repair might work for a small residential driveway, parking lots require commercial paving repair services. Some of the issues that require professional intervention include:

  • Potholes
  • Pavement Cracks
  • Faded Parking Lines
  • Alligator Cracking
  • Edge Deterioration
  • Improper Drainage

All of these problems can be solved by your local trusted paving company. Let’s look at the different types of parking lot repairs available from experienced professionals.

Minor Parking Lot Repair Services

Crack Filling– Cracks can form when water flows into asphalt then freezes, breaking it down. Paving experts can fill them with durable temporary fillers in cold weather, with hot-pour asphalt fillers, or with advanced methods like injection for permanent repairs.
Sealcoating – An asphalt sealcoat is a special blend of asphalt binders and liquid plastics that fills in tiny holes and cracks, providing a smooth surface that protects against wear and tear.
Line Striping – When the parking lines on your lot get worn, refreshing them with professional traffic paint is a budget-friendly repair.

Major Parking Lot Repair Services

Pothole Repair – When water pools and freezes in one spot often enough, the damage can go all the way to the underlayer. In these cases, asphalt contractors can clean and empty the hole, then use high quality fillers, properly compact the new asphalt, then patch the area for a seamless repair.
Slurry Sealing – This type of repair is similar to a sealcoat, but a slurry sealer is a thicker product that provides a durable, non-skid surface while also protecting against wear.
Asphalt Patching – When there are potholes or major damage to a certain area, the asphalt pros can repair just that area with a patch.

Your Local Trusted Parking Lot Repair Company

For parking lot repair in the Baltimore, MD area, the American Asphalt Paving Co., Inc. is the most reputable paving company. With almost half a century experience installing and repairing asphalt pavement, we have seen all kinds of pavement damage and repaired all sizes of parking lots and asphalt roadways. No matter what problems your asphalt pavement has, our paving pros can solve them.

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