Pavement Maintenance

As the most reputable paving company in the Baltimore, MD area, the American Asphalt Paving Company, Inc. are the local experts in pavement maintenance, installation, and repair. If you’re a property manager or owner, we can help you create a comprehensive pavement maintenance plan that will keep your parking lot or roadways safe and beautiful for decades.

Why Asphalt Pavement Maintenance is Important

While modern asphalt and concrete pavement is designed to last for a long time, it takes regular maintenance to keep your parking lot or roadway in good repair. The benefits of regular asphalt maintenance include:

  • Safety for residents and visitors with visible pavement markings
  • Longer-lasting pavement through protective services
  • Saving money by preventing, not repairing, damage
  • Maintaining property values with attractive pavement


With these benefits, it’s clear why pavement maintenance is so important for your Baltimore area property. But how does your local paving company make this happen?

Preventative Pavement Maintenance

The most cost effective type of paving maintenance is preventative. With regular visits from an asphalt expert, you can catch developing problems and take appropriate steps to keep them from getting worse. Preventative services include asphalt sealcoating, concrete degreasing, and edge repair.

Pavement Rehabilitation

These type of paving services combine minor repairs and preventative maintenance rehabilitate asphalt to prolong its life. For example, getting professional crack filling for minor cracks will keep them from getting larger or forming potholes. Then your paving professional can perform an asphalt overlay or sealcoat protect pavement from further wear and damage.

Pavement Reconstruction

When an asphalt parking lot or other paving installation has major problems, professional maintenance can include more involved repairs before preventative maintenance can be performed. In these cases, your trusted asphalt contractors might fix drainage problems or cut out and replace damaged sections. Once your asphalt has been reconstructed, a regular maintenance program will keep it in good shape.

Your Baltimore Area Pavement Maintenance Experts

When looking for a reputable pavement maintenance company, property managers need to look for a company that works efficiently and with complete transparency. The pros at American Asphalt Paving Co, Inc has over forty years of experience and a complete dedication to client satisfaction, so we’ve got you! Contact us today for a pavement consultation.

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