The American Asphalt Paving Company was founded in 1974. Our company hangs our hat on having quality employees and a positive reputation amongst our industry within the community. We are currently hiring and looking to expand family owned and operated business. Consider the growth of opportunity you can achieve by coming to work for us. With multiple opportunities for advancement, we offer professional development and training. We demonstrate a lifetime of commitment and success to our employees, offering growth, success, and competitive pay. Our innovative company uses only top of the line equipment providing the best quality in all projects performed. We are at the forefront in advancements and innovations within the industry, with cutting-edge methodologies. We offer a positive work environment and a supportive company culture. We value each and every one of our employees, recognizing each individual value and skill they bring to our business. We value the meaning of a healthy work-life balance, and are looking to expand our business. Upload your resume today! We want you to be apart of our family!

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