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The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc has been providing asphalt and concrete installation services throughout the Baltimore MD and Washington DC area for over forty years. We have attained exceptional levels of proficiency in that time, allowing us to bring each and every job the best professionalism, the best in materials tailored to the work at hand, and the skilled workmanship necessary for long-lasting pavement.

Paving Services Offered in Westminster MD

  • Commercial Pavement Installation

  • Pavement Maintenance

  • Sweeper Truck Rental

  • Asphalt Repair

  • Crack Sealing


  • Our paving contractors are devoted to bringing our clients the best paving work, thus we are in constant training in new pavement technologies and methods, as well as maintaining our professional pavement licensing.
  • We consider the local weather and soil conditions when we mix our asphalt and concrete, reflecting the decades of experience we have all over the Baltimore MD and Washington DC area.
  • Our founders give a personal touch to every single pavement job, bringing their attention in conjunction with our dedicated asphalt experts to help each client for every job.

Explore Westminster MD

A suburb of Baltimore, Westminster MD is a city in northern Maryland and the seat of Carroll County. The city had a population of 18,590 as of the 2010 census. It was originally founded as the city of Winchest in 1754 when William Winchester purchased approximately 167 acres of land. The Maryland General Assembly later changed the name of the town to Westminster. Since 1868, Westminster has had an annual Memorial Day parade, the longest continuously running Memorial Day parade in the country. It is also the first city to feature community wide gigabit fiber.

Many classic pieces of American history can be seen in Westminster, including the Union Mills Homestead, one of the oldest homesteads in the nation. A farm museum, the Carroll County Farm Museum, features pieces of farming history along with the plows and tools used in various eras, as well as being the center of the local wine festival in September. The Carroll Arts Center is a proper theater that locals and tourists alike can stop by to see vintage and modern films. Whatever it is you’re into, Westminster has something to offer!

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Parking Lot Paving Contractor in Westminster MD

Property owners may think that they can get their pavement issues fixed whenever they come up by whoever gives them the cheapest bid. This kind of thinking is actually very dangerous. Fly-by-night paving companies can cut corners and disappear when something else goes wrong, or their repairs can fail, leaving the property owner at a loss. That’s why you need experienced paving professionals, especially in colder climates like Maryland.

The benefits of working with an experienced parking lot paving contractor in Maryland are clear, and the most trusted parking lot paving contractor in Westminster MD is The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc. Let’s look at what a company with almost half a decade of experience in the asphalt industry can do.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Parking Lot Paving Contractor in Westminster MD

  • Professional Know-How – The importance of pavement knowledge can’t be overstated. A true asphalt expert can diagnose your parking lot problems and find the right solutions that will last decades.
  • Superior Workmanship – The main benefit of a reputable parking lot paving company is you can trust that their work will be high quality.
  • Long-Term Service – Your reputable local paving company won’t leave you in the lurch, and will be there for ongoing maintenance to keep your parking lot looking good.

Your Westminster MD Parking Lot Experts

In Westminster MD, The American Asphalt Paving Company Inc is the most experienced parking lot paving contractor with over 45 years in the pavement industry. That’s almost half a century! We can execute even the most complicated pavement project to keep visitors to your property safe.

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